27 June 2022
Moderate Wine Consumption Linked to Reduced Tumor Risk
Researchers found that moderate wine drinkers were as much as 40 percent less likely to develop pituitary adenoma.      
09 June 2022
SOMM x Jonata Wine Dinner
Last night we hosted a 6 course wine dinner at SOMM, Landmark Mandarin Oriental with Jonata - a brilliant California producer owned by Stan Kroenke wh
08 June 2022
What would happen if wine was judged by different criteria to the usual ones?
France and Italy are the big dogs of wine, but which would come out on top if they squared off against each other?   According to exchange plat
27 May 2022
SOMM x Jonata Wine Dinner – 8 June 2022
We are proud to support The Landmark Mandarin Oriental for a 5-course pairing dinner featuring 6 wines from Screaming Eagle’s sister winery Jo